Nancy Gonzalez Handbags

When I discovered Nancy Gonzalez handbags, I fell in love with their up to date chic design and their extraordinary colours! Looking into the Colombian creator's achievement, I realised we shared the same vision and a common desire to create.

All handbags are totally handmade from precious crocodile, alligator, lizard or snake skins. Every skin is treated in total respect of the rules of the leather trade and then manufactured into a modern elegant style. The cromatic work is also essential to Nancy Gonzalez. Each bag is available in 300 colours with different finishing touches possible and each season, around twenty new colours are introduced, always fashionable and stunning.

To Nancy Gonzalez, skins are just like Gems, each one unique, its natural shape guides and inspires the art of creation. Nature itself offers the ultimate luxury of making each piece original and enriched by the creativity of a unique individual. Each model is therefore numbered and the origin of the skin traceable, each one coming from a breeding farm in order to protect the species.

Noble materials, a creative approach respecting nature, a glamorous design, fashionable colours... So many elements which make Nancy Gonzalez handbags the up to date luxury that every woman "must have" in the USA today. Favoured by many Hollywood stars, they have been seen in the film "Sex and the City" but also in "The Devil Wears Prada" or more recently in the TV series "Gossip Girl".

The Nancy Gonzalez brand is available in over 400 luxury outlets all over the world and has become one of the leaders in fashion accessories.

The only Nancy Gonzalez selling point in Geneva, I invite you to come and discover her bags in my boutique-workshop, 16 Cours de Rive.